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Have You Heard About Country Tuff Log Splitters?


Wood cutting is a tough job but one that many folks enjoy. What’s better than being outside preparing a renewable source of energy to heat your home or shop; or simply cleaning up a downed tree to enjoy later sitting around the fire pit.

Marigolds Are More Than Just a Pretty Face


Marigolds are pretty flowers that always add a nice touch and splash of color to any garden. But their purpose is greater than just that.

Memories Made of Metal..


My grandparents had an itch for traveling. They saw all fifty states in the US and across the rest of North America. That's not including the foreign regions they had visited.
They met in Nebraska and later moved to Missouri, where I'd come to be born and raised. I traveled by their side throughout my childhood and teen years. We'd travel west sometimes and we'd make our trips back to the family in Nebraska often.
I remember, or so I was told, my overbearing question from the backseat as a child was "Grandpa, are we there yet?" So grandpa, being the clever fella he is, found just the solution to keep me from doing more than whining about the drive.
He showed me a game - counting windmills. Well actually when I was a child I pronounced it windshields, on accident.


Here's Your Bucket List...

5 Gallon Bucket

If someone asked you what you use your 5 gallon buckets for, what would you say?

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How To Get Rid of Poison Ivy


This past Spring was more than just warm weather, singing birds and blooming flowers...there was also a Spring cleaning with a consequence!

Defend Your Garden With The Owl!

garden defender owl

Our co-worker Kristee had birds in her garden and wrote this blog article to tell us how to keep them out. You might have the same problem so this could save your produce.

Our Hummingbird Hobby


I'm pleased to bring you this guest blog post by Charlie and Bernadette, our fellow

Seven Steps To Growing Big Pumpkins

Big Pumkin

 1. Ready your soil. Your pumpkins will need rich soil and a good deal of fertilizer. You can get your soil ready by mixing a 3 inch layer of garden soil/potting mix into the top 6 inches of soil. You’ll want your pH levels between 6.5 and 6.8. Sulfur lowers the pH or lime can be used to raise it the level. Miracle Gro potting soil is one suggestion to use.

Bag Balm-it's not just for Cows!

bag balm

Bag Balm® has been around since 1899, created in the gorgeous northeast parts of Vermont. It was formed to soothe cow’s udders after being milked. However since then, Bag Balm® been discovered to do a lot more than just that! 
Check out 15 different uses for Bag Balm!

Chicken Breed Selection For A Rainbow Egg Basket

eggs with color

Our good friends at Manna Pro have written an excellent article about colorful eggs. This is some great info packed in a short read.

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