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Top 5 Reasons To Use A Solar Fencer

solar fencer keeps horses in

I thought for years it would be silly to use a solar fencer when it's so easy to simply plug it in. Then I had a reason to need fencing in a remote location that had NO electric power anywhere close. I wasn't sure what I would do till I remembered those "silly" solar fencers.

Defend Your Garden With The Owl!

garden defender owl

Our co-worker Kristee had birds in her garden and wrote this blog article to tell us how to keep them out. You might have the same problem so this could save your produce.

Bag Balm-it's not just for Cows!

bag balm

Bag Balm® has been around since 1899, created in the gorgeous northeast parts of Vermont. It was formed to soothe cow’s udders after being milked. However since then, Bag Balm® been discovered to do a lot more than just that! 
Check out 15 different uses for Bag Balm!

Lime Buster is my hero!

lime buster for shower doors

Spring cleaning was in the air and our next guest blogger was determined to clean her shower door. It turned out to be easier than she thought. Felicia Baker is an employee at the home office and shared this story with us:

Looking For American Made Christmas Gifts? Channellock!

Made in the USA

When folks are thinking of their upcoming holiday shopping list I would imagine some are wishing they could buy all American made products. You can look in all kinds of places for those gifts and you might even be lucky enough to shop in a store that puts signs up on the Made In USA items so it's easy to pick them out. 

Prevention Now Beats Fire Damage Later

stove fire

This story was written by our fellow employee Becky about her own experience with a home fire.

Your Spot Sprayer Can Be Used For A Multitude Of Things

horse trailer

We had camped in an awesome spot by the beautiful clear Jacks Fork River in south Missouri many times. We had a nice living quarters horse trailer that had a 40 gallon water tank. When you have a couple of people taking showers that doesn't last very long.

The Best Orscheln Farm & Home Blog Posts Of 2012

Orscheln farm catalog

The year is rapidly coming to a close and I couldn't help but take a peek at your favorite blog posts. By favorite I mean the one's you read the most.

5 Easy Steps to Dehydrate Cherry Tomatoes

tomatoes ready to dehydrate

When my husband announced we would have a garden a couple years ago I was less than enthused. I grew up helping in the garden and memories popped up in my mind of huge baskets of green beans to break and tubs of corn to husk. Standing in a hot kitchen all day canning produce was not my idea of fun. I was not quick to point this out to the budding gardener however as I thought maybe the garden wouldn't actually "flourish". I should have known as with most things my spouse decides to do it produced an abundant harvest. Thanks honey!

Tomatoes by the Ton!

tomatoes from the garden

Not really a “ton” of tomatoes but I have had a wonderful crop this year.  Probably the best crop I have ever had, and in a pretty difficult weather year too.  Maybe I have finally figured out what it takes to grow lots of big, beautiful tomatoes!

First, choose the right variety of tomato to plant.  Different varieties simply do better in different situations, but takes a few years to figure this one out unfortunately.  My all-time favorite tomato variety for mid-Missouri is Supersonic for a slicing/canning tomato and Grape Tomatoes for a salad tomato.  Both varieties grow big, sturdy plants with a lot of foliage – which really helps protect the tomatoes from the hot summer sun.

Next, plant early. It’s taken me several years to learn this but the earlier you can plant the tomatoes, the better.  Even if it’s cool in the spring, the tomatoes can take advantage of cool weather to develop good roots and sturdy plants.  The tomatoes can grow large and bushy and set on nice tomatoes before having to deal with the hot, drier summer weather.  If frost threatens, just cover up the tomatoes with a bucket (or flower pot) to protect them!  

Fertilize early too!  When you plant the tomatoes, use Jobes Tomato Spikes to fertilize them at planting.  2-3 weeks later, give them a good drink of Miracle Gro to start the plants off well.

Treat with a fungicide several times.  I like Fungonil the best.  It is mixed with water and applied as a spray.  Really drench the plants when you apply it.  Treat again every 2-3 weeks until tomatoes start to set on – you can even treat later than that but not within a week of ripe tomatoes.

Prune your plants.  Tomatoes need air flow from the bottom.  Trim off the lower branches – do not let any of the branches touch the ground, because that is often how diseases enter the plant.  Don’t let the branches be too thick at the bottom because that can encourage fungus.  Snip off any branches that look yellow or wilted.

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