10 Reasons We Relate To Our Pets

Posted by Jami Mattox on Apr 26, 2018 4:42:27 PM

In Pets, Dogs, Cats

1. Every pet knows that adequate sleep is essential to a productive day.

night after.jpg


2. Fashion is very, very important to them.

fashion 2.jpg


3. They know how to stay in shape.

cardio 1.jpg


4. And they do their best to eat right.

horse eats.jpg


5. They're the life of the party.

cat in hat.jpg


6. When it comes to photos, they know hair must look magnificent.

beauty shot horse.jpg 


7. They never resist an opportunity for a selfie.

selfie 1.jpg


8. They recognize that patience is a virtue (and may lead to a reward).

dogs patience.jpg


9. They love their squad.

squad chicken.jpg


10. And they love their family to pieces.

loves humans.jpg


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