Bag Balm-it's not just for Cows!

Posted by Felicia Baker on Mar 28, 2014 3:23:00 PM

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Bag Balm® has been around since 1899, created in the gorgeous northeast parts of Vermont. It was formed to soothe cow’s udders after being milked. However since then, Bag Balm® been discovered to do a lot more than just that! 
Check out 15 different uses for Bag Balm!

bag balm

1)    Chapped lips

2)    Use it after biking

3)    Rough & dry hands

4)    Scrapes and Scratches

5)    Cuticles

6)    Cracked skin on your feet

7)    Treat garden hands

8)    Diaper rash

9)    Use it to lubricate sliding doors

10)  Use it on dry elbows

11)  Use it on your dog or cat's cuts & paw abrasions

12)  Cuts & skin irritations on horses

13)  Use it to prevent calluses

14)  Face moisturizer

15)  Use it for its original use – comfort your milking cows


Bag Balm® is loaded with lanolin which helps soften and moisten skin, so next time you need a healing touch, whether it’s for you or your animals, pick up some Bag Balm®.

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