Have you thought about rescues and adoption for your next pet?

Posted by Diane Conklin on Nov 18, 2014 2:14:00 PM

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When I lost my dog Hank, the American Bulldog to old age I waited a few months before starting to think about bringing another dog to my home.

Bulldog HankI still had a 7 year old Boston Terrier named Max. He was becoming more sedentary and lonesome each day and his waistline was expanding without another dog to play with.

boston terrier

I decided I would look for local rescues to find my next canine buddy. I knew my town had an animal shelter but I had no idea there were so many rescues specializing in specific breeds. The more I searched the more rescue organizations I found!

Living in the Midwest I thought I should at least narrow my search to the geographic center of the country. However, I found that most rescues will arrange travel if they have the budget and many times there are volunteers that offer to transport the "adoptees" to their forever home.

Being partial to the Bully breeds I focused my search in that realm. There were still many breeds to choose from and I had to narrow my search even more. I watched the websites of rescues for Boston Terriers, Boxers, English Bulldogs and American Bulldogs waiting for just the right one to come along. 

Although a puppy was my first choice I was also willing to adopt an older dog or a dog with special needs as long as they could get along with my current little guy Max and would be friendly with children so when my grandkids visited they could enjoy them as well. I applied for a couple of dogs that seemed right for my home but for a multitude of reasons the fosters choose another applicant. 

I found that most rescues use a system of applications with references, foster homes for the animals and phone interviews and sometimes home visits for the potential adopters. I was amazed at the organization and professionalism of the rescues I came in contact with. They always had the best interest of the animal as their first priority.

I thought I had found the right dog when a white female boxer landed on my radar. She was a few hundred miles away but transport was being arranged. Just before the details were finalized I received an email that the MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue had acquired a litter of puppies and there was a male still available. It was a very tough decision because the Boxer gal sure needed a home as well as the Boston. It wasn't a good time for me to add two dogs to my home so after being reassured that the Boxer would still find a good home I decided to adopt the little Boston Clyde. 

Clyde has been in my home now for 2 months and has doubled in size! He has a lot of energy and has sure made fast friends with Max.

boston terriers

It's very rewarding to know that you have given a home to an animal that most likely came from dire circumstances to the rescue, who made it possible for the adoption. 

Of course dogs are not the only animal that is rescued and adopted, cats, horses, donkeys, birds, rabbits and many more are on the list of homes needed. 

I whole heartedly recommend adoption as the way to find an awesome pet next time you are looking and maybe even when you aren't! Sometimes lost animals seem to find their way to the hearts of kind folks who give them a forever home. Below is a list of just a few of the rescues I found in my search. Please support your local rescue(s) when you can, I'm sure they and the animals will appreciate it!


Columbia 2nd Chance

Stray Dog Ranch

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

American Bulldog Rescue

Bully For You

Lusco Farms Rescue


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