5 Cattle Handling Tips

Posted by Diane Conklin on Apr 29, 2011 12:33:00 PM

In Animal Health, Livestock Handling, Cattle

cattle handling equipmentBelow are 5 tips that can help you when planning your cattle handling for spring. Low stress in your cattle or other livestock during health maintenance
is the number 1 thing you should strive to accomplish.


1. Be sure to block the livestock's vision ahead so they aren't able to see people in their path

2. Their escape route needs to be blocked but without creating darkness, light must be seen ahead.

3. Avoid loud jerky motions, calmness is encouraged in livestock by providing slow steady pressure.

4. Optimum pressure is important. Over do it and your livestock will feel pain and become agitated. Steady calm pressure results in your cattle experiencing the feeling of being held.

5. Results will improve if cattle can see members of their herd as close as three feet away rather than much farther.

The common theme in livestock handling information is quiet steady pressure in a light environment as pain free as possible. If you can achieve low stress for your cattle during handling you will see improvements in overall health and attitude which will translate into more profits whether you are a small farm or large ranch. Read more details about low stress cattle handling in this article written by Temple Grandin.

Priefert livestock handling equipmentment is available at all Orscheln stores and is used by many folks to create low stress working  environments.