5 Reasons to Use a Rear Tine Tiller

Posted by Diane Conklin on Mar 20, 2012 3:37:00 PM

In Gardening, Agriculture, Home Maintenance

With spring upon us the tilling season is here! Many a gardener has questioned whether to use a front or rear tine tiller. One of the specialties of the rear tine is that they are perfect for tough hard soil. Below are the top 5 Reasons to choose the rear tine for your job.

1. Rear tine tillers have wheels that are driven by the engine, which means that the tines work independently of the wheels.

2. They can have counter rotating tines which means the tines turn in the direction opposite of the wheels.This action is useful for tilling new or extremely tough ground. Or standard rotating tines which means they rotate in the same direction as the wheels and this action is useful for re-tilling soil.

3. They have adjustable depth regulators which let you till at a variety of heights for different types of soil.

4. Most have large treaded wheels that steadily drive the tiller.

5. They have side and rear sheilds to add a safety factor to your tilling.

No matter which type of tiller you choose be sure to factor in the size of your garden and who will be tilling. Be sure to enjoy your time in the outdoors as you grow your bounty!