Oh No, Snake in the Strawberries!

Posted by Kristee Ornburn on May 11, 2012 10:39:00 AM

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My strawberries are starting to produce wonderful, big, juicy strawberries and there is nothing better than the taste of the first strawberries of the year.  I was admiring a gorgeous berry I had just picked when I heard a rustle behind me.  I turned and my worst fear was realized - there was a snake!  Of course, by the time I had fetched a hoe to kill it, the darn thing had vanished and was nowhere to be found.
strawberries from the garden
Now, you have to understand that I am a nature lover and an animal lover.  I love just about every part of nature except for one thing – snakes!  Yes, I know that snakes eat mice and bugs and that they have their place in nature but they just need to do that somewhere other than my garden.  I hate snakes!  I nearly have a heart attack every time I see one.  The foliage of the strawberries and the straw around them provide a lot of places to hide and I do not want to be startled by a snake all the time, so I just do not want them anywhere around.

My garden is my own little oasis.  For me, it’s the most peaceful and relaxing place and my favorite hobby is spending time in my garden.  So a snake totally ruins the atmosphere and just has no place there!  But, what do you do?

Fortunately for me, I found the most wonderful product at Orscheln’s –Sweeney's Snake Repellent.*  Yes, they do make a product for that!  Believe it or not, snakes apparently do not like the scent of cinnamon and that is what is used in Sweeney’s Snake Repellent.  It’s an all natural product that can safely be used in the garden, even right on fruit and vegetables (of course, you should wash anything coming out of the garden before eating it any wsnake repellentay).

Sweeney’s Snake Repellent also comes in most clever bag.  It has a handle at the bottom and a zip lock closure at the top.  You just unzip the top, flip the bag over and hold it by the handle.  Then just give it a little shake as you walk and the repellent is dispensed easily without even getting on your hands.  I just had to take a stroll through the strawberry patch (with a hoe in the other hand just in case!) and shake out the repellent to make my garden a very disagreeable place for any snake.  You do need to reapply after a heavy rain.

And, a nice sideline – the cinnamon smell of the repellent is very pleasant to humans!

I have not seen the snake since I put out the repellent so I think it is working!  I have to admit it still keep an eye out when picking the strawberries but for the most parbunny in the gardent I can pick in peace.  Now, if I could just figure out a way to get rid of the little baby rabbit who has also taken residence in my strawberries.  I know there is a repellent for that too, but this little guy is just too cute!


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