How To Keep Ticks and Flies Off Your Horse the Easy Way!

Posted by Diane Conklin on May 25, 2012 9:51:00 AM

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Does your horse live in a pasture and you don't have the opportunity to spray him down with fly spray every day? Have ticks been a continual problem on your horse since tick and fly preventionFebruary this year? I have the perfect solution that will put your mind at ease and help keep those pests away from your equine partner even when you are not there.

In the past I had always been leery of spot on treatment for pest control on horses. This year when ticks started showing up in mass quantities on my horses that live in the February, I decided to give it a try.

It was super easy to apply and comes in single dose containers. You just pop it open and squeeze slowly over the horses back, down his legs and between the ears. Each box contains 3 applications so the price is very reasonable.

I checked my horses for ticks a couple days after the application and was shocked to find none! My pasture has a wooded area that the horses use daily so they are walking through prime tick territory on a regular basis. Finally I found a product that actually repels these pesky critters!

The repellent stays on through rain and sweat, and the box says to reapply every 2 weeks. I will gladly keep a supply on hand as well as it worked for my little herd. The fact that it also repels flies and mosquitoes makes it the perfect product for us.

Check out this video from Farnam showing the application of Equi-Spot on a horse.

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