What Makes Working Your Cattle Safer For You And Them?

Posted by Diane Conklin on Jul 3, 2013 11:19:00 AM

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One item you might be missing from your cattle handling operation could make your life much easier. The squeeze chute with head gate could pay for itself over and over with less stress and injuries.


If you think of how many times you actually handle your cattle you might want to consider this tool. It's an expense that some farmers or ranchers have to think twice about but the ones that make the investment are never sorry.

Some of the features of the best model around are:

1. Head gate locks and Side Squeeze locks are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

2. "Floating floor" width adjustment allows floor to be adjusted in seconds with the pull of an overhead lever. No digging through mud and manure required.

3. "Calf only" entry selection is available on every chute by simply pulling a pin located on top of the tailgate

4. Squeeze function uses infinite locking system technology; allows a perfect fit for every size animal.

5. Removable bottom access panel on both sides of the chute.

6. Five contoured upper side panels on each side of the chute with gravity latches.

7. Comes standard with an Automatic/Manual head gate (HG91).

8. All Preifert products are made in the USA.


Below is a video of the squeeze chute and head gate in action and details the many safety features.

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