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Posted by Diane Conklin on Jul 12, 2013 4:20:00 PM

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We have a great informational guest blog post by Veterinarian Dr. Cliff Miller of Greenhills Vet Clinic in Moberly, MO. If you want your horse to stay healthy and happy follow Dr. Miller's tips on regular dental care.

by Dr. Cliff Millerhorse smiling

Sharp points from normal chewing and any abnormal wear patterns must be leveled regularly. This leveling is called floating. Floating your horse's teeth will help your horse chew properly and maintain a bit comfortably. Your horse should be checked regularly to see if there are any sharp points that need attention.

Our practice recommends regular dental check ups for your equine companions. Your horse's needs will change as he or she grows older. Review the chart below to determine if it's time for a dental exam.

Age        Typical Care Protocol

1-4 years until 5 years of age, we recommend twice-yearly dental examinations due to the many changes that occur during this stage of a horse's life.

5-14 years yearly dental examinations are usually sufficient to monitor alignment and wear patterns of the permanent teeth.      

At 15 years of age and older, twice-yearly dental examinations are recommended due to an increased incidence of dental problems as horses age.

Contact our practice today to schedule a dental evaluation for your horse.

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