Fresh Cab in Your Coop

mouse in fieldIf you have the good fortune of living in a rural area, you’re probably accustomed to sharing your space with a variety of critters. Topping the list could be the very common, unwelcome guests – mice. While they are far less of a threat to your flock than predatory coyotes or a sly fox, they’re not ideal candidates for your chickens to socialize with either. There are multiple reasons to kick them out of the coop - leaving messes, carrying diseases, and breaking into their feed are just a few. Avoid the escapable sticky traps, toxic poisons, and other means of dangerous extermination by trying Fresh Cab in your coop, available at Orscheln Farm & Home. Simply hang Fresh Cab in and around the coop to begin controlling the problem immediately, then replace every month or so for long-lasting results. 

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