Boot Care 101: Cleaning & Conditioning Leather Boots

Ever wonder what life would be like without boots? Brooks & Dunn couldn’t couldn’t do a
scootin’ boogie without them. " Whose bed have your shoes been under?" It just wouldn't be the same Shania. Randy Houser would have to wear sneakers for goin’ out in his muddy pair of jeans with that Copenhagen ring. And who knows what Nancy Sinatra would have to wear back in 1966 for walkin’ all over that one guy. (Wouldn’t wanna be in his shoes!) Luckily, we have endless possibilities when it comes to choosing our favorite footwear, and also aren't deprived of such classic country songs. It only makes sense to take good care of them, right? Although the steps can vary, depending on the type of leather and the enviorment they're being used, regular maintenance is essential. Let's take a look at how to let your leather boots live up to their full potential.
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Denim: A Fabric Never Defeated

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Cowboy Gettin' Wranglers - After the Wedding

Our cowgirl and guest blogger Leann Botkin Martin is now married to the Cowboy in Wranglers. Below she tells the story of their honeymoon trip west.

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