Plan Your Fall Food Plot

A food plot planted with grasses and seeds like clover, chicory, brassica and rape is a great way for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts to attract wild game.

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Teaching Your Dog to Find Sheds

One evening this past winter, Hank greeted us in the driveway with a large antler shed, tail wagging at 60 mph awaiting approval. We didn’t think much of it until the next day when the matching shed appeared on our back doorstep. Together, they were recognizable as a wide 8 pointer we had captured on camera and passed up during the previous deer season. We just might have a shed hunter on our hands! I started to research how to go about training Hank, and found many informational articles to reach our goal. The following combines some of the most common tips, tricks and suggestions that have worked for other shed hunters in training their companions.

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Game Cameras: Tips & Tricks for Capturing Better Images

We’ve all been there. You head to the woods to check the game cameras, only to be scorned by a camera that has produced terrible photos, none at all, or the worst-case scenario, grew legs and magically disappeared (heartwrenching!). Keeping a few things in mind before placing your camera may help avoid frustration when retrieving it.

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