The Zika Virus & Controlling Mosquitoes

It’s no secret that mosquitoes are associated with many life-threatening diseases – West Nile, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, malaria – and the latest dreadful surge of the Zika virus. By now you’ve probably heard of this pandemic making its way through South and Central America, and even some reported cases here in the midwest US. (If you've been living under a rock, you can look into the virus itself here.) Currently there is no vaccine to treat or prevent Zika, so curbing the mosquito population is the prevailing alternative. It would be wise to prepare for a worst-case scenario before the heavy mosquito season hits, should the pests carrying this virus reach an area near you.
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Fresh Cab in Your Coop

mouse in fieldIf you have the good fortune of living in a rural area, you’re probably accustomed to sharing your space with a variety of critters. Topping the list could be the very common, unwelcome guests – mice. While they are far less of a threat to your flock than predatory coyotes or a sly fox, they’re not ideal candidates for your chickens to socialize with either. There are multiple reasons to kick them out of the coop - leaving messes, carrying diseases, and breaking into their feed are just a few. Avoid the escapable sticky traps, toxic poisons, and other means of dangerous extermination by trying Fresh Cab in your coop, available at Orscheln Farm & Home. Simply hang Fresh Cab in and around the coop to begin controlling the problem immediately, then replace every month or so for long-lasting results. 

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My Bugs are Bugging me!

With summer in full swing the bugs in and around my house have decided to set up camp! With the explosion of insects happening all around me I decided to see what I could do myself before calling an exterminator. Surely there's a product that will really work like the label says for getting rid of these pesky bugs.

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