3 Tips for a Better Garden This Year

I often recall spending time on my grandparents’ farm in rural Missouri, and my grandfather’s meticulous garden - sitting in the porch swing snapping green beans, shucking sweet corn, and running through the mud barefoot during the routine watering. Now that I’m older, I realize how much work was put into reaching the wonderful end result. You probably have a handle on the basics of gardening - pull the weeds, give them a home with lots of sunlight & water, and keep the bugs away. Simple science, right? But aside from the essentials, there are many tips and tricks that will help get the bountiful harvest you’re hoping for. Here are a few that may help you obtain the best harvest possible.

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Straw Bale Gardening in 4 Easy Steps

With little effort and expense, you can have your own garden growing from bales of straw. (BIG keyword there: straw works best, not hay! More on the difference
here.) This method works well for those with limited gardening space or poor soil conditions and eliminates most of the tough back-work "normal" gardening requires.
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Fresh Cab in Your Coop

mouse in fieldIf you have the good fortune of living in a rural area, you’re probably accustomed to sharing your space with a variety of critters. Topping the list could be the very common, unwelcome guests – mice. While they are far less of a threat to your flock than predatory coyotes or a sly fox, they’re not ideal candidates for your chickens to socialize with either. There are multiple reasons to kick them out of the coop - leaving messes, carrying diseases, and breaking into their feed are just a few. Avoid the escapable sticky traps, toxic poisons, and other means of dangerous extermination by trying Fresh Cab in your coop, available at Orscheln Farm & Home. Simply hang Fresh Cab in and around the coop to begin controlling the problem immediately, then replace every month or so for long-lasting results. 

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My Seedlings are Ready to Transplant, now what?

Mindy McIntosh-Shetter AKA Mindar the gardening gnome and guest blogger is back! Mindy has a graduate degree in Agriculture Education from Purdue University and is presently finishing her Masters from the University of Louisville in Environmental Education and Urban Planning.She shares with us below how to transplant your seedlings.

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