5 Tips for House-training Your Puppy

House-training your new puppy is all about the three Ps: Persistence, patience and positive reinforcement. Fully house-training your puppy can take anywhere from four to six months, so it’s important to keep your expectations realistic and remember that your new addition is doing the very best he can. Take in these tips to have a successful puppy house-training experience.

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10 Reasons We Relate To Our Pets

1. Every pet knows that adequate sleep is essential to a productive day.

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Flea & Tick Prevention During the Fall and Winter Months

Fall and winter weather brings a huge comfort to people who dislike creepy, little critters of the insect world - no more mosquitoes buzzing around, no wasp stings to treat, and a quick retreat of ants and termites at the first sign of frost. However, that doesn't mean you, your pets, and your surroundings are safe from fleas and ticks for the next few months. Fleas can thrive in the cooler fall weather, so much that their numbers can double compared to the Spring season. Ticks, being the little survivalists that they are, will outlast winter's wrath without any worries. (They can live up to a year without feeding!) So what can you do now to prevent an infestation? Here are our suggestions:

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A Happy Dog: Shoe's Story

If you're looking for a heartwarming short story, you're in the right place. Here we have an excerpt from the York News Times of York, NE (and a few extra details below) by Gail Nordlund, featuring a special companion named Shoe.

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5 Tips for Locating a Lost Pet

Our dog, Hank, spends hours hunting in the woods, always sure to make it home before dark. That is, up until one dreary November day when he was lured away from the property by a seductive chocolate lab. We searched for almost a week, following the steps below, until we finally found him less than a mile down the road snuggled up in the sun with said female. Having a pet go missing is a heart-wrenching experience, but if you find yourself in the situation, these tips just might help you find your loved one.
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Teaching Your Dog to Find Sheds

One evening this past winter, Hank greeted us in the driveway with a large antler shed, tail wagging at 60 mph awaiting approval. We didn’t think much of it until the next day when the matching shed appeared on our back doorstep. Together, they were recognizable as a wide 8 pointer we had captured on camera and passed up during the previous deer season. We just might have a shed hunter on our hands! I started to research how to go about training Hank, and found many informational articles to reach our goal. The following combines some of the most common tips, tricks and suggestions that have worked for other shed hunters in training their companions.

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10 Things to Add to Your Dog's Bucket List

The bond I've had with my dogs over the years will always hold a special place in my heart. I think it's safe to say the same for my camo-clad daughter, Vanessa, and our beagle-collie mix, Hank. Check out the following ways to make the most of the time you have with your canine companion.

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Grooming Basics

Whether your horse spends most of his days hauling you on the trail, in the show ring, or just relaxing in the pasture – he deserves a little pampering. Grooming your horse is not only a time to get him clean, but offers a chance at routine bonding and making sure he’s in good health. It may take a little practice and patience, but most horses will enjoy the time spent getting his coat in top shape; as long as you’re using the proper tools correctly. Ignoring the need for grooming, rushing, and incorrect use of the tools risks injury to both you and the horse. Though there is no set-in-stone way to go about grooming, it’s important to get a routine down and stick with it. Gather the grooming supplies listed below, and we’ll go through some of the basics to get you started.
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Have you thought about rescues and adoption for your next pet?

When I lost my dog Hank, the American Bulldog to old age I waited a few months before starting to think about bringing another dog to my home.

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Give Your Horse Something To Smile About

We have a great informational guest blog post by Veterinarian Dr. Cliff Miller of Greenhills Vet Clinic in Moberly, MO. If you want your horse to stay healthy and happy follow Dr. Miller's tips on regular dental care.

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