Grooming Basics

Whether your horse spends most of his days hauling you on the trail, in the show ring, or just relaxing in the pasture – he deserves a little pampering. Grooming your horse is not only a time to get him clean, but offers a chance at routine bonding and making sure he’s in good health. It may take a little practice and patience, but most horses will enjoy the time spent getting his coat in top shape; as long as you’re using the proper tools correctly. Ignoring the need for grooming, rushing, and incorrect use of the tools risks injury to both you and the horse. Though there is no set-in-stone way to go about grooming, it’s important to get a routine down and stick with it. Gather the grooming supplies listed below, and we’ll go through some of the basics to get you started.
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Give Your Horse Something To Smile About

We have a great informational guest blog post by Veterinarian Dr. Cliff Miller of Greenhills Vet Clinic in Moberly, MO. If you want your horse to stay healthy and happy follow Dr. Miller's tips on regular dental care.

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Training My Off-the-Track Racehorse Part Three

This story of Laura and Diesel is one that many folks are following. Even though this is part three and intended to be the final chapter of Diesel's training blog series I have a feeling those same folks will be expecting to see an update by the end of the next competition season! Click here to read Part one and Part two.

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