Is my Weather Radio programmed correctly?

When you have your weather radio sitting on the counter at home how do you know if it's programmed correctly?

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Five reasons you should own a weather radio

  1. You can be alerted to official National Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the National Weather Radio network.
  2. You will be informed up to the minute with exclusive broadcasts from NWR with your special radio receiver or scanner capable of picking up the signal. These broadcasts are found exclusively in the VHF public service band.
  3. You can hear post-event information for all types of hazards from NWR-including natural (such as earthquakes or avalanches), environmental (such as chemical releases or oil spills), and public safety (such as AMBER alerts or 911 Telephone outages).
  4. You can program your own weather radio to your local station and frequency by using the information at this link. You may also listen to the alert in spanish if your household has hispanic members. For more info read here.
  5. Be prepared when the power goes out with the model WR-100C or WR120C All Hazards Alert Radio from Midland that can switch to battery power and run up to 30 hours. Your radio can also be portable with battery power and run off 4 AA alkaline batteries. For more information about the NOAA and weather radios read here.
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