5 Reasons to Install A Pellet Stove

If you have always wanted the feel of wood heat but are stopped because of the complicated installation or labor intense wood cutting chores, think about a pellet stove. They are usually more expensive to purchase than wood stoves but their long term advantages far outweigh the initial costs.

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Finally a Fireplace!

When I bought my home a number of years ago, it was pretty much as close to perfect for me as I could ever hope to find.  I had a huge yard with room for my garden and plenty of space in the house with a layout I loved.  There was just one thing missing – a fireplace.  I had always had visions of relaxing with my cross-stitch in front of a nice warm fire on cold winter evenings.  Alas, there just was no place in the house I could really build in a fireplace and in years of looking at electric fireplaces, nothing seemed to fit just right.  

But this year my dream was realized!  I had owned an
infrared heater for several years to use in my sun room for extra heat and really liked it – infrared heating was economical and very effective.  So imagine my surprise when I saw the new Infrared Mantle Fireplace at Orscheln!  One is now proudly residing in my family room and I have the fireplace I always wanted.

Everything about the Infrared Mantle Fireplace works for me.  It’s the perfect size, not too large and not to small – just the right size for my family room and probably for any room you would want.  It is a pretty cherry wood, which goes nicely for me, and the workmanship is very nice. The flame is the best part – just gorgeous, very natural looking.  It even has six settings so you can vary the flame for whatever mood you are in – with a remote control, no less!  And can it ever heat!  It has a fan so the heat is pushed out in the room very well and makes your room nice and toasty in a flash – it could easily heat up a pretty large area.  

Oh, and one of the best parts, it has caster wheels so you can move it around wherever you want very easily.  Now I have to admit it is a little tricky getting it out of the box because it is packed very well to avoid any shipping damage, but once you have it out of the box, it is easy just roll it to exactly the right spot.

So now winter can’t bother me!  It is so relaxing to watch the flame and so warm and comfortable.  I can relax with my cross-stitch, book or whatever and completely forget the hassles of the day.  I am not a fan of winter but with my lovely new infrared mantle fireplace, I can forget about the cold outside!
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