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Are you ready to get some new little peepers, but not sure how to get started? Raising chickens is rewarding and fun, and we're here to help you along the way. Here, you'll find all things poultry - from our complete chicken kit or a collection of our chick blog articles, to adorable fluffy chick photos in our instagram feed. Mark your calendar for March 8th, and start brushing up on your chick care skills!  

Frequently Asked questions
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Learn from the Experts

These in-store chats are hosted by the chicken experts from Nutrena. Find a Tour D'Cluck Workshop at an Orscheln store near you!


Nebraska City - March 18th, 2 PM



Arkansas City - March 22nd, 6 PM
Lawrence - March 22nd, 12 PM
Topeka - March 22nd, 6 PM
Garden City - April 4th, 5 PM
Eureka - April 14th, 6 PM
Goddard - April 18th, 6 PM



Ottumwa - March 18th, 2 PM
Muscatine - March 27th, 6 PM



Hugo - April 14th, 6 PM



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Get your complete chicken kit here!

Here's what's inside:

  • Basic care suggestions.
  • Chick shopping checklist. 
  • Money-saving coupons.
  • Chicken breed guide.

To get the kit, just fill out the form below! 


Frequently asked chicken questions:

What is a pullet?

  • A pullet is a young female chicken. 

How old do the chicks need to be before I move them out of the brooder?  

  • Chicks should be approx. 8 weeks old. 

How soon will my chicks begin producing eggs?

  • They will being laying around 6 months old. 

Do I also need a rooster?

  • Roosters are only required if you're planning to hatch your own chicks. Hens will do just fine if you're only looking for eggs or meat.